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  • Create Date June 3, 2022
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O4S Tech June 22 Shareholders Update Report

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O4S Tech June 22 Shareholders Update Report

In my last report to you all I made a promise of no more talk-talk reports and only of good news its done and moving forward to our exit strategy and returns to you all. This process was in full swing at the beginning of the year with starting a Series A raise to Series B and C to our always intended SGX Catalist listing in Singapore moving again.

So, I hear you all now of okay Simon so what’s the hold up and delay again now? Please gets us returns on our long investments as you.


I made a strong decision in delaying this process in May to protect the company 200% moving forward not going backwards as my job every day and in always PROTECT your investments. It's still going forward but now in a more controlled by us the company and the board going forward,


While the world was dark for some 2 years in 2020 and 2021 we successful scaled up our technology with a build release in the FC shop app including our live streaming payment and integration with Fanjoy in a proof of concept shown with over 2000 shoppers and as our first US Australian Singapore China and International patents all granted we starting working last year with the Simon Mall Group and ABG through their new partnership company SPARC who together now own over 55 US brands including Volcom Lucky Brand and Forever21 ( we were to do a deal with all these 3 brands in 2019 and as my good friend Brad Sell on our board became the new Forever21 CFO but then found out that Forever21 were bankrupt and were wasting our time so he had to put our deal with them and the others on hold temporally until he instigated a buyout which was helped by Alex Cappello my good friend also on our board by SPARC who did buy out Forever21 then thanks to Brad also Volcom and Lucky Brand !!

Then in mid-2021 when all 3 brands were in full control by with Sparc we started doing behind the scenes minor integrations of our technology in strict confidence to the outside world.

To we were asked to attend the big National Retailers Federation conference in New York January this year and do a successful demo during to a Forever21 Store at South Coast Plaza CA to show other retailers (more potential customers) attending and the press and Blackrock ventures SPARCs biggest investor for all their feedback.

It was a great success FYI some press on the event in New York

Forever 21 pilots livestream shopping app | Chain Store Age

Then from February this year as part of our continuing due diligence deal with Simon Mall Group and ABG through SPARC thanks to our board as Brad Sell CFO of Forever21 and Alex Cappello a good friend of Herbie Simon major owner of the Simon Mall Group - CEO Jamie of ABG wanted the e pay deal with Bolt to complete first before us and wanted us to work with Bolt with our technology to integrate a proof of concept with their e commerce payment system to show within our to be invested and built marketplace?

I. Rajeev and the team worked with Bolt last year as Fanjoy used them with there Shopify backend we were integrating the API keys into the FC Shop app with and it was a stressful every day disaster working with Bolt for 3 months and they were so full of lies. So, I said no more we use Stripe who have always been with us since 2018 and our great partners as with the setup of our Wepay and Alipay payment integration a first outside Chine, Stripe was very grateful, and we had a great success with them then...

So, I and Brad told strongly Jamie do NOT do the deal with Bolt go with Stripe our partners, please! But Jamie was all I got this to it turned to a disaster found out in April with Bolt as they could not do it when we can do it and more!!

The Bolt deal was going the same investment we were working on with Sparc over 12 months and yep we were right FYI some of the recent bad press links of there bolt deal.

The 5 biggest legal claims against Bolt | The Business of Business

Forever 21 Parent Authentic Brands Sues Bolt Startup - Bloomberg

Luckily, we did not work with Bolt (well I refused to) then as was a wait and see if they could do what they said we did not believe in they could, and I glad I made that decision for us as we would have been stuck in all that bad press too. So, it was a god sent or my son Coreys talks of wait Dad not yet be patient it will be worth it and bigger was right 😊

So, while ABG and Simon Group are working with the just appointed new CEO and have given Bolt 6 months to fix it and somehow the $150 million loss of sales while using their system they caused or there 50 million investment must come back!!

We are to continue our new raise of the first 5 million now within a bridging round on convertible notes to scale the marketplace with Forever21 Volcom and Lucky Brand which includes working with Stripe separately from Bolts integrations mess in the background these next months and show Sparc board we love the impossible.

So, we are right now with our corporate lawyers approaching the interested investors outside of Sparc with term sheets to flying around the country for Retailer LOI meetings and these VC meetings as with Blackrock ventures with doing only face to face meetings no more zoom!! showing our technology and the piece BOLT cannot do we can!! The holy grail for all retailers we have!! And then have Sparc invest a lot more $!!

We start the west coast/east coast roadshow this month as soon as the lawyers have all the LOIs and Term sheets ready and have confirmed face meetings already with

A) Retailers – Forever21, Volcom, Urban Outfitters Nordstroms and Goodwill so we are looking good here already and with enough retailers to begin the scale.

B) VCs – We have at least 4 with hoping more confirmed soon including Stripe, Salesforce and Herbie Simon the billionaire owner of Simon Mall Group.

This roadshow will take at least a month then with first drawdown of this investments funds I need our scaled team from 5 to 20 started and it’s to Singapore to get the SGX Catalist listing finally moving again after 2 years of darkness and closures there,

Again god sent or my son Corey sent as the above puts us in a much stronger position for a listing there than we were ever within 2019 in rushing - so meant to be again?

So finally, the EXIT PLANS ARE moving for ALL shareholders now with us in control of

1. Loi s shown with multiple Retailers to raise 5 mil through private VCs and retail investors on convertible notes that OUR patented technology works we are not all talk like Bolt!

2. With at least 2 million of the 5 million raised we will have at least a scaled marketplace proof of concept with these retailers within 8 to 10 months of the 12-month build to show it works, retailers have a full tech that works for them thanks to us, and it makes $

3. After 12 months build start our marketing and Show - Create Licensing Sales with all Retailers in the bult O4S Tech marketplace to the world.

4. Then we can start ALL shareholders exits with then going back to Simons and ABG or sooner of a 50 million Buy in where it began this year and start the SGX Listing raise.

5. Then to buy out position if wanted for all shareholders with SGX Catalist listing or/and a retail side sale only of IP to Salesforce, Stripe, TenCent’s or Alibaba as always, the vision.

And as I have other future plans with our technology for moving to business and government services as DMV my big vision always since 2010. Retail was just a fun, quick way to start with our technology??



Simon La Barrie